Adriana Gordon

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Central London

Working with Adriana has guided me to a place of increased awareness of my thoughts and behaviours and deciding which of these are helpful or unhelpful to my growth as a better person.
For this, I am very grateful as my relationships with others and most importantly with myself, has improved greatly.
— Client, 32

I found my sessions with Adriana invaluable, at a difficult time of my life and career. Adriana has a sophisticated way of allowing her clients to find their own ways to the core of their troubles. Along the journey I developed new strategies and vocabulary by means of which to manage, articulate and understand my experiences.
Occasionally Adriana would deploy specific exercises or set me ‘homework’, and these contributions produced a welcome effect of feeling I could entrust myself to the safe, knowledgeable and confident guidance of a sincere supporter and skilled professional.
At the end of my sessions with Adriana I felt both more resilient as a person and more sensitive to my own needs and more affirmative concerning what I had previously perceived to be awkward idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. Since that time I have been able to cope and manage my personal and professional life in higher spirits and with greater confidence, maturity and effectiveness.
— Client, 55