Adriana Gordon

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Central London

Working with Adriana has guided me to a place of increased awareness of my thoughts and behaviours and deciding which of these are helpful or unhelpful to my growth as a better person.
For this, I am very grateful as my relationships with others and most importantly with myself, has improved greatly.
— Client, 32

I found my sessions with Adriana invaluable, at a difficult time of my life and career. Adriana has a sophisticated way of allowing her clients to find their own ways to the core of their troubles. Along the journey I developed new strategies and vocabulary by means of which to manage, articulate and understand my experiences.
Occasionally Adriana would deploy specific exercises or set me ‘homework’, and these contributions produced a welcome effect of feeling I could entrust myself to the safe, knowledgeable and confident guidance of a sincere supporter and skilled professional.
At the end of my sessions with Adriana I felt both more resilient as a person and more sensitive to my own needs and more affirmative concerning what I had previously perceived to be awkward idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. Since that time I have been able to cope and manage my personal and professional life in higher spirits and with greater confidence, maturity and effectiveness.
— Client, 55

I’ve been working with Adriana for the past six months, and I can honestly say it’s been transformative for me. My wife requested I seek counselling following some traumatic events combined with the general pressure of life - and I did so, somewhat reluctantly. However after a few sessions I found the tools and processes I had learnt to be extremely valuable, and now I see this as nothing short of life changing. I’m now very engaged with my feelings, thoughts and being and live a much happier life.
— Client, 33

I had a wonderful experience with Adriana, I managed to really understand the reasons behind the anxiety issues I was experiencing, and she gave me the right tools to overcome them.
It has certainly helped me become more conscious in all aspects of my life and I’m now definitely on the recovery phase!
— Client, 26

Adriana worked with me in dealing with bereavement. She is very professional, knowledgable and coached me through the emotions I was experiencing through losing a loved one. The sessions helped me to deal with bereavement and I learnt how to work through the emotions.
— Client, 39

Adriana was a counsellor for me for an eighteen month period during 2018/2019.
She has helped me enormously to both recognise issues that I had submerged and denied for many years and provide a framework to rebuild my personal confidence and optimism following a long drawn out marriage breakdown.
Adriana was both sensitive and practical, helping me to find daily ways between our weekly sessions to reinforce a new approach to my outlook on life.
Adriana was instrumental in helping me to come to terms with the situation I was in, guiding me to find the courage within myself to surface and address issues with my former partner and finally to help me find the inner confidence to seek and find a future loving relationship with a new partner.
I would thoroughly recommend Adriana to anyone who needs counselling to help them rise above the sadness of a marriage breakdown.
— Client, 59