Family Constellation Workshops in Central London:

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What is Family Constellation?

Sometimes you might be feeling stuck, not knowing what to do and unable to understand why you behave in certain ways. Or you have been carrying unresolved issues that are beyond your control. Constantly repeating old patterns. Or you have physical and emotional symptoms that don’t seem to be your own, as if they have been ‘passed on to you’. Common statements are ‘I wasn’t being myself’ or ‘I don’t know what took over me’.

Family Constellation is a therapeutic work - usually experienced in groups - that reveals relationship dynamics and aims to achieve resolution for a specific issue, or to move towards change and transformation. It is also called ‘Systemic Constellation’, because the process considers the whole Family System, with all its members, including previous generations.

Despite its somehow misleading name, Family Constellation has nothing to do with stars, Astronomy or Astrology. But it refers to the interconnectivity of the family members, how they affect each other and how the ‘whole’ is also affected by each individual. Read more.

About the Workshop:

I work in small groups, maximum of 15 people.

In the workshop, we will have 'clients' and 'representatives'. The client is the person who brings a situation, problem, doubt or any subject that they would like to explore in their individual Constellation. The other participants are part of the circle, and act as representatives or observers.

The function of the 'representative' is very significant and enriching. All participants benefit from the group experience, in one way or another. Often the subject touches events and situations of your own life, in an unexpected and profound way.

The Constellation process offers reflection, enlightenment and learning to all those involved.

FEES: Participant £60 and Client £90 (3-4 clients per workshop)

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During the workshop:

It is essential that the client comes to the workshop on his own initiative and is totally open to the experience.

The group works in a circle. We are all important, equal and fundamental in the process of Constellation. Everything that is said and exposed during the workshop is confidential and received with great respect, compassion and empathy.

I work with each client individually. We begin with a dialogue, a brief interview, when the client describes their problem and what would be the most desired solution for that, what changes they would like to see happen. From some personal information, we will develop a general picture of how the client and their system may be contributing to the problem presented.

When we are ready, under my guidance, the client chooses group members to represent people, situations, places or any other element that is part of their constellation. The client places the representatives in relation to one another in the centre of the circle - this configuration is a constellation - which provides a 'live map' of interconnected problems.

The process happens naturally and the constellation has its own movement. It is very important that all participants are open to the process. It is best for the representatives to detach themselves from the client's story (which they heard during the interview) and to be open to all the sensations they are feeling, physically and emotionally. The representative will not 'act', Constellation is not drama or theatre. The more spontaneity, and less thought, logic and analysis, the better.

The workshop can bring a lot of emotions, both to the clients, to the representatives and to those observing in the circle.

The intention of the workshop is to bring resolutions, unconscious informations and a new perspective, a new vision of the client’s life history and their family ties, or other relationships.


After the Workshop:

The new image, vision, resolution needs time and space to develop and take place in each person.

Therefore, I recommend that the client respect this time and avoid talking about the constellation for a few days after the workshop. Try not to explain, analyse, or understand what happened in the constellation process. Let your experience come to you, let the resolution take space in you and your life.

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what is family constellation?

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Only someone who is in harmonious agreement with the past is also free for the future.
— Stephan Hausner